Terms & Conditions

Hello there! Thank you for signing up for The Precious Book Box with Dorothy Koomson, subscription service.

There are just a few things we need to point out about how we operate.


We do not offer refunds; if you receive an item that is damaged or your Box is missing an item, please email us, and we will try to work out the best solution to this problem.


We cannot accept returns, regardless of whether the Box has or has not been opened or used or carefully re-wrapped. If you receive an item that isn’t to your liking or a book you’ve read before, we hope you’ll be able to gift it to someone who will love it!

If you have pre-paid for a 4-Box subscription, we cannot cancel and refund the remaining Boxes that have been paid for in advance once the first Box has been sent and received.

Packing and postage

The prices quoted include UK postage and packing. Where international delivery is possible, postage, packing and custom fees will increase the price.

Items listed

We’ve done the best we can to make sure everything – product descriptions, prices and delivery terms – on our site is accurate. All prices and descriptions are offered in good faith and are as accurate as possible at time of publishing.

All images are used for illustrative purposes and may differ slightly from products that are delivered.

Ordering problems

If you have problems during the process of ordering your Box, contact us and we will try to resolve the problem.

Stock availability

All items on our website are subject to availability. If the Box you have ordered is not available, we’ll let you know as soon as possible.


We will send the Box to the address you specify for delivery as part of your order. Please make sure your address and other contact details are accurate. If they are not, we cannot accept any liability for goods that are damaged or not received.

We’ll try to deliver the goods within the timescales stated on our website, but delivery times are not guaranteed and have been effected by recent global events. If delivery of your Box is delayed because of anything beyond our reasonable control, the delivery date may be extended by a reasonable time.


Please make sure you include the contact details – particularly email address – for anyone who you buy this Box for as a gift. We will need their details to let them know when the Precious Book Box Club meeting with the chosen author will be held.

Allergies and safety

Some of the products in our Box may contain common or uncommon allergens including nuts, milk, wheat, sesame, legumes, as well as others and we strongly advise you to avoid purchasing these products if you have a severe allergy, intolerance or medical condition. We cannot be held liable for any reaction, health issue or problem you or anyone else has as a result of using something from the Box. Please keep all products in the Box away from young children and babies.

Contact response time

We love to hear from you, but do please understand we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. This may not be straight away, so do bear with us.